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These Tarp Nails are  sub-10gram alloy Tarp Nails. Approximately 15.5cm in length with a 5mm square shaft, increasing to 8mm in width at the hook. Made of lightweight and corrosion-resistant 7001-series alloy, these are ideal for finding and keeping purchase in firm, rocky and stony ground.


The square construction allows these to be packed tightly together, which takes up less carrying space. The simple hook design at one end holds your line in place but allows the line to be easily removed when finished. Conversely, the tapered point allows easy insertion into the ground. They are red to help them stand out.


Tarp Nails

  • Length: 156mm

    Width: 5mm, increasing to 8mm in diameter at the hook.

    Weight: Approx 9 grams.

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