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"No modifications needed to the tarp, just need to have side pullouts. If your tarp does not already have attached pullouts, please see clip-on-tarp-pull-outs. Combined with pullouts, this pole modification increases room under your tarp.  Choose double for a set or choose single for 1 single pole mod."


The above wording is straight from Dutch and his team. The pole(s) have the adjustable clips already attached. Watch Dutch's demo video 



External Tarp Pole Mods (Single)

  • These are made using DAC NSL8.5 aluminium poles. They are four sections each to pack a little smaller and have 3/32″ shock cord inside to go together like tent poles. The poles also include our adjustable pole mod tips for easy adjustment!

    Total length is 52 inches without tips and 53.25 inches with tips
    Collapsed length is 15.5-inches

    Pole and tips 78 grams on our scales

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