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"Onewind Outdoors Mini Tarp Reel delivers a tangle-free cord quickly and reliably when you need it. It is pre-loaded with a 40 ft X 250-pound tensile strength 8 strand HMWPE cord which is durable, lightweight, and has no stretch. After using, you can simply wind the ridgeline around the cam to keep it neat and in place."


The above wording is from Onewind, more information is on their website.

Tarp Ridgeline Mini Reel Cordage

  • Cord Material: Ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene (UHMWPE). It’s the same material that’s used by common brand names like Dyneema and Amsteel.

    Cordage Size: Eight (8) strands, hollow braided cord. The diameter is 1.5mm and the length is 40ft. Lightweight and lighter than water. The cord can float on water.

    Breaking Strength: It is 250 pounds.

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