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Special Gift: Onewind New Ridgeline Sack


12-ft Onewind  Zipper Hammock is our modular bug net camping hammock that features an elongated symmetrical gathered-end design that allows you to lay comfortably in any direction. The hammock body is built with a single layer of durable nylon fabric with unique hexagonal ripstop that minimizes stretch to maximize your ability to lay flat. Sleeping comfortably in a hammock is often equated with being able to lie flat at night instead of sleeping in a curved position like a banana.


Please note the above wording is lifted from Onewind's website.

Tempest 12' Zipper Hammock

  • Size: 12'x 68" (3.65m*1.72m)

    Packing Size: Φ5.5"*11" (Φ14cm*28cm)

    Total Weight: 2.4LBS /1.11kg ( include Tree Straps, Cinch Buckles, Ridgeline, Sack)

    Hammock Bed and Bugnet: 1.5LBS /700g

    Hammock Bed Material: 2.1oz, 70D Hexagon Ripstop Nylon Fabric

    Bugnet Material: Polyester Mesh

    Ridgeline Material: UHMWPE

    Accessories List: Build-in Bugnet, 2 cinch buckles, 2 continuous loops, adjustable UHMWPE ridgeline, 2 *12' tree straps, 2m* Shock Cords, 2 aluminum tent stakes.

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