"The Traveler Hammock is a simple, no frills, end-gathered design with a 10′ long x 62″ wide hammock body and a 101″ ridgeline, fits users up to 6’0″"


The above wording is straight from Brandon, and his team at Warbonnet Outdoors. 


The Single Layer is 40D Dream-Tex in Dark Foliage Green.

The HD Double Layer is also 40D Dream-Tex, Dark Foliage Green for both layers.


Current Traveler Hammock choices are on the drop-down menu.


Suspension Options: None - comes with Continuous Loops fitted.


The supplied Stuff Sack clips onto the Ridgeline offering extra storage. 


View the full product details on the Warbonnet Outdoor website.

Traveler Hammock (Regular)