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"These hooks are robust and made from Titanium. They weigh only 3.4 grams and will hold up to 1000 pounds.  They replace the whoopie bead with a hook that will “snap” on to 7/64ths Amsteel. They are easy to connect, easy to disconnect but will stay on until you unhook them.


They come sold as the hardware alone and you can splice them on your whoopie sling yourself or you can buy already spliced on the whoopie slings. Whoopie Hook Complete Suspension can be purchased here. They create a waterbreak and make it so you can store your wet suspension separately. It is not recommended to use whoopie hooks with anything but 7/64ths Amsteel."


The above wording is straight from Dutch and his team.


We can splice Whoopie Hooks onto your Whoopies. Choose the option and also purchase the Whoopies in your chosen colours.

Whoopie Hooks (pair)

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