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NB. This has now been updated by Dutch's bonded Ridgeline version.


"DutchWare’s Xenon Winter Tarp is a lightweight and durable winter style tarp with doors made from Xenon Sil 1.1. The fabric is reinforced with a ripstop grid, the tieouts are reinforced with grosgrain, the ridgelines are enclosed in grosgrain, and it includes 1/2″ beastee d-rings on the 8 ground tieouts and 1″ beastee d-rings for the ridgeline.


Xenon is a polyester sil fabric that has little to no stretch which allows your tarp to stay pitched nice and tight.


Ridgeline Length: 132 inches (11 ft) Width: 9.5 ft Tieouts: 8 ground and 2 ridgeline"


The above wording is straight from Dutch, and his team.


Tarp Details

No side panel pullouts, Colours stocked; Dark Olive and Coyote Brown, Each Tarp comes with a Stuff Sack.

Xenon Winter Tarp (sewn ridgeline)

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