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"DutchWare’s Bonded Xenon Winter Tarp is a lightweight and durable winter tarp made from Xenon Sil 1.1 fabric. This is a polyester sil fabric with very little stretch. Xenon Sil 1.1 is reinforced with a ripstop grid. The ridgeline is bonded, not stitched, and includes extra reinforcement patches near the 1-inch Beastee Dee® Ring ridgeline tie-outs. All ground tie-outs are reinforced with grosgrain and have a 1/2-inch Beastee Dee® Ring.


Advantages of Bonded Waterproof Camping Tarps

  • No seam seal needed – This includes the ridgeline and Side Panel Pullouts. 
  • Doesn’t leak – This tarp can’t leak, making it the ultimate waterproof backpacking tarp!
  • Bonded reinforced ridgeline doesn’t perforate the fabric – Stitch free construction! Because the reinforcement is bonded there is no perforation where stitches can pull. This makes the tarp stronger, more waterproof, and longer lasting than other hammock camping tarps.
  • Repairable – Send your tarp back to us if needing repair.
  • Side Panel Pullouts can be applied after the tarp is made – Side Panel Pullouts can be easily installed postproduction and placed anywhere on the tarp.
  • Dries quicker – A bonded seam does not hold any moisture, so it dries faster than a grosgrain ridgeline."


The above wording is straight from Dutch and his team. Choice of two types of side panel pullouts: either for a regular gathered end hammock or a bridge-style hammock. Each Tarp comes with a Stuff Sack.

Xenon Winter Tarp (Bonded ridgeline)

  • Ridgeline Length: 132 inches (11 ft)

    Width: 9.5 ft

    Tieouts: Eight ground and two Ridgeline

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