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We are now selling 180ft mini reels of 2.2mm and 1.75mm.


1.75mm - Yellow, Silver, Red and Orange

2.2mm - Yellow and Silver


If you don’t know what Zing-it! is, here is the official bumph;


“Lash-It!/Zing-It! yields the highest strength, lightest weight, lowest stretch, and longest wear life available. The Samthane coating adds to the twine's wear life, ensures its knot-holding capability, and gives it a distinctive colour.


Features and benefit;

• Abrasion resistant

• High strength-to-weight ratio

• Lightweight

• Low stretch

• Samthane coated


1/16" - 1.75mm diameter has an average strength of 500lbs or 230kgs

3/32" - 2.2mm diameter has an average strength of 650lbs or 290kgs


We also sell all colours, in multiples of 5 metres, elsewhere on the website.

Zing-it! or Lash-it! (Mini Reel 180ft)

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